Mum brands neighbour ‘intrusive’ as they bombarded her with calls while she’s on holiday


A mum who recently moved into a new house has been left baffled by her neighbours after they called her estate agent to check in on her because they hadn’t seen her in a few days – when she was just on holiday

The woman explained she moved into her house around six months ago, and she hasn’t spoken to her next-door neighbours much in that time so they don’t really know each other.

But last week, when the mum went on holiday to Spain, she found herself being bombarded with calls from her estate agent – whom she hadn’t spoken to since closing the sale on the house.

Concerned something was wrong, she called the estate agent back when she got back home and was told that he was only checking in on her because her “neighbours were very worried” about her.

In a Mumsnet post, she said: “I’m in my 30s. I bought my first house in a small town six months ago. My neighbours next door are two men. These are my only neighbours. We have never spoken to each other. I don’t really like them as they blast loud music a lot.

“Last week, I went on holiday to Spain.

“Last night, I got two missed calls from the estate agent who sold me the house. He called me twice on WhatsApp at 10 pm. Then he sent me a message saying ‘call me’. I have never spoken to this estate agent since he sold me the house, so I was worried that something was wrong.

“I called him back this morning. He said, ‘your neighbours are very very worried about you. They haven’t seen you in a few days, and the newspapers are building up outside your door.’ “

The mum later discovered her neighbours are friends with the estate agent and got him to call her because they didn’t have her telephone number.

But she feels their behaviour was “intrusive” and said she wants to be able to have “privacy” in her own home and with her own life.

She added: “My neighbours don’t have my telephone number. It turns out that the estate agent is friends with them. They knew he would have my number. So they rang him and got him to ring me.

“I have only been away for five days. It’s the summer, everybody is going away on holiday.

“I just felt really stressed about it yesterday. I wanted privacy in a house. And to be able to come and go when I want.

“To me, it is nosy, intrusive and controlling.”

Commenters on the Mumsnet post were split, as some agreed that her neighbours’ behaviour was out of line, but most said they were simply looking out for her.

One person said: “They may be a bit nosy but at least they have your welfare at heart. Surely they wouldn’t have gone to all that bother just to find out where you were?”

While another added: “Can’t really imagine they are doing it from anything but a good place even if it feels intrusive.”