Woman slammed for giving free dog sitter six ‘ludicrous’ rules to follow


When it comes to leaving your dog in someone else’s hands, most owners want to receive updates on how they’re getting on without them.

But one owners has taken this to another level by leaving her dog sitter a “crazy” list of rules to follow while she enjoys a holiday on a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea.

Sharing the rules to Reddit, the woman explained how she isn’t being paid for house or dog sitting – and was simply roped into it to help out a friend.

Starting off with a friendly ‘hello’, the dog owner wrote: “Hey, hey girly. [Friend’s name] said you were going to be house sitting and animal watching. First of all, thank you!”

The owner then went onto list the strict rules she should follow when taking care of her beloved pets.

“Just wanted to let you know a few rules and requests that we have,” she added.

“1. Please be here at 6.30am sharp for first feeding. 12pm sharp for lunch and 5.30pm sharp for dinner.

“2. Please clean up around the food and water areas after each feeding (make sure you are staying until they finish). The cat sometimes takes a while so be mindful of that.

“3. 15 minutes after feeding concludes, please take the dogs out individually for personal play time.

“4. During play time if they defecate, please pick up the remains. We are trying to keep the backyard clean.

“5. Each of the pups will need an individual walk each evening.

“6. Please message me at the conclusion of each trip and let us know if anything went wrong.”

To make sure she didn’t get the wrong idea about payment, the owner added: “Thanks again. We wish we could compensate you but we went all out on this Cozumel trip and we are on a tight budget right now.”

While most users shared their shock over the owner’s expectations, others commented on how ‘ludicrous’ it was that she didn’t leave some money aside for a house and animal sitter.

One user said: “We wish we could pay but we decided that it was better to treat ourselves. Ooopsies.”

Another user added: “So entitled they can’t even come up with some sort of excuse. They literally say we spent too much on our vacation to pay you.”

A third user said: “Cost of pet care is factored into a responsible pet owner’s holiday!”

One user added: “These rules are crazy and ludicrous. This woman needs to wake up to the real world. You pay person for their services – this is very irresponsible behaviour”