Cardiff Airport forced to halt flights for an hour after plane skids off runway


A plane skidded off the end of the runway at Cardiff Airport upon landing causing delays.

The runway was closed this afternoon after the incident at 1.35pm.

Cardiff Airport confirmed there were no injuries and the plane is still intact.

One Wizz Air flight was forced to divert to Bristol during the incident and the airport confirmed other minor delays.

Travellers took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

One wrote: “On Wizz air flight from Corfu. Was supposed to land at 1330 in Cardiff.

“Currently waiting on Tarmac in Bristol. Apparently we’re waiting to refuel and get a new landing slot in Cardiff. Due to leave soon.”

Another said: #WizzAir do we get compensation for the extra beer we had to buy at airport prices.”

A spokeswoman from Cardiff Airport told The Mirror: “At 1335 today, 3 rd of July, a light aircraft had an incident on landing at Cardiff Airport. The aircraft went off the end of the runway, resulting in the airfield being closed for just under an hour.

“Both the pilot and aircraft are fine with no injuries sustained and the aircraft remaining intact.

“The Department for Transport & Air Accidents Investigation Branch were notified and permission was received for the aircraft to be moved to safety from the end of the runway, allowing the airport to re-open our runway at 14h30.

“Disruption has been limited to one Wizz Air flight diverting to Bristol and some minor delays to operations for the afternoon. We are expecting all other activities to return to normal as soon as possible.”

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